I had to deal with some rude clients of mine. It was mentally exhausting to the point I developed a thought of quitting the job. The job I was doing for this client was the least I like to do. Can you imagine having to deal with the same project you don’t even believed in for 5 straight month?

After complaining about my work life to most of my friend and to have threatened my project manager about quitting the project and left the company, I had calmed myself and taking myself away for a moment from the project.

The problem apparently was not really about the amount of work I had to do, but more on how the client impolitely treat the designers (well that including me and my manager). It was not physically ofcourse, but verbally. Each comment they made seems rude if I pictured them saying it. Yes, I always read comments like I imagined them saying it on my face.

So this time, as I copied several feedback that seems rude when they say it. To not crushed my soul, I paste it on document and started to change the typeface.

Did you see what’s the matter with the original version?
Small text, basic typeface, no bullet points, and repeating statement.

If you are a client wanting to tell something to your designer, or just someone wanting to explain complicated stuff to the others, please do it in bullet point, simple straightforward sentences, or at least give space between statement.

I found this very helpful and fun to do, even though it won’t be practical when you’re in a rush. Beautiful words don’t need a make up, but unwanted saying needs a retouch.