Caroline Peni.
Multidisciplinary designer and
culture observer

Packaging design

Highly-selected lemon, straight from Sorento.

Strega, a liquor brand from Benevento, Italy, has been manufacturing high-quality liquors and sweets since 1860. Strega Limoncello is their authentic Sorento’s product. While maintaining the limoncello color cues, yellow and dark blue of Amalfi coast, I selected the composition and illustration to express the highly crafted product.

Brand Identity

The home-town aesthetic

Pastel colors and rustic finishings are B&D’s signature touch for their furniture offering. To communicate their Florence identity, we use of olive green, inspired by Gallery Uffizi, Florence. The logo icon that follows the furniture aesthetic, used in different applications brings the Florence spirit along with the furniture.

Information design

Mathematic-inspired cookbook

Inspired by ‘Bryne, Six books of Euclid’ which change the way we see mathematics, this book helps change the way we see cookbook. My lack of understanding in cooking and my motivation to eat healthier drive the creation of this book. The book teaches readers to think of ingredients and nutrition in forms and colors to inform that in healthy eating and cooking, its also about the portion, not the substance.

On Daily Biases

A bias is a shortcut our brain makes without our permission. It helps us think fast but not fair. Every day, I’ll recognize a bias I’ve experienced in my daily life. Follow the Instagram account @on_daily_biases

Collages project

Do it fast and dirty

@peniko_disko is the channel I used to express my artistic side. It is a digital collage project inspired by the art of making fanzines; quick and dirty. The stock images used are from old prints found on the thrift shop, or from everyday life, captured with my phone. This project is my practice of being spontaneous and courageous.

Brand Strategy & Positioning

Together, always deliver

The Postal Service has been fallen out of culture. President trump called them the Delivery boy of Amazon, they are struggling financially, and people love to hate them. For Master in Branding program, SVA, thesis, my team and I redefine the purpose and positioning of the Postal Service in the time when private entities are taking over their businesses.

Peni is a brand designer living in Bali who is keen in helping mission-based brands and thriving small businesses in expressing their voice. Get in touch with her through email or LinkedIn.