Think of things you can do for 100 days that could enhance your skills and imagination.
100 days project, inspired by Michael Bierut, will challenge students of SVA Master of Branding to create a piece of a portfolio that is personal and engaging. It needs to reflect individual mission statement.

I’m excited to take part of this project. My mission statement is to make sense of the absurd.
I’ve been interested in the psychology of cognitive biases. For this project, every day, I will recognize a bias I’ve experienced in my daily life.

On Daily Biases

My goal for this project is to make other realize that, hey, we can’t get rid of bias. But we could definitely embrace and unashamedly admit that we have it.

The goal is also for me to self-reflect and identifies why did I make such a mental-shortcut. As a matter of fact, after realizing Google-effect experience in my life, I admit I did that because I am quite lazy at memorizing things.

When faced with a question of “Have I done IKEA effect? Have I experienced Rosy Retrospective?”, I started to think hard even though it is easy to name one. As I practiced to write an engaging and funny story every day, the process should come easy.

Hopefully, people will enjoy this project as much as I am excited telling the world about this.