In my last writing, I talked about opening up as a solution to schizophrenia. In response to that, I encountered a podcast and a movie that covered the topic this week.

Love, Simon
Why only gay man/woman have to open up? Why can’t all type of sexual orientation do the same? The movie questioned what norm is.
Love is a voluntary act. It’s a given and part of our rights. Simon is a high school student who discovered himself gay but not wanting to open up just because he wanted to maintain his relationship with the others. The movie takes us to Simon’s journey to opening up about his orientation.

NPR’s The Hidden Brain: The Lonely American Man.
Speaking about norms, this Hidden Brain episode talked about man’s standard in society. Based on norms, men do not suppose to open up their feeling too much. It is taboo for them to be vulnerable. It causes a lot of stress yet they don’t know where they should go to when they need help.
The talk reveals the truth about masculinity as the term become a constraint for them, not empowerment.

I encourage, especially men or extraordinary people to look at or hear these. It’s good to know not only women open up, but men as well.