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Formula of Cookery

Inspired by “Byrne. Six books of Euclid”, I created my own version of cooking recipies. Formula of Cookery book consists of basic knowledge of nutrition, food groups information, storing and basic cooking methods. The acid colours and geometrical shapes are intentionally used to change the [...]

Exit & Exist #1: Light and the focus.

My visit to the International Center of Photography last Thursday has brought light to me. It was the exhibition of Elliot Erwitt and Henri Cartier-Bresson. Two geniuses who capture the essence of the 50-70's. The grief, the recovery, the celebration, the joy portrayed after [...]


Despite not having a kid, I was caught up by the themes of parenting and child psychology wherever I received my news and entertainment lately. It might be a coincidence by I tried to make sense of the reason behind the trend. I was talking to [...]

On Daily Biases – a 100 days project

Think of things you can do for 100 days that could enhance your skills and imagination. 100 days project, inspired by Michael Bierut, will challenge students of SVA Master of Branding to create a piece of a portfolio that is personal and engaging. It needs [...]

Men Open Up

In my last writing, I talked about opening up as a solution to schizophrenia. In response to that, I encountered a podcast and a movie that covered the topic this week. -- Love, Simon Why only gay man/woman have to open up? Why can't all [...]


Schizophrenia is a topic that comes to my daily consumption lately. It started on valentine's day when I watched a fantasy romance called Double Lover (L'amant Double) by Francois Ozon and followed by a drama thriller called The Vanishing of Sydney Hall by Shawn Christensen. [...]


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