Vinyl sticker was really popular back in the days in Indonesia. Before the age of over consumerism and advertising, stickers contain popular terms, song lyric, or some religious words. I was hunting vintage stickers in Yogyakarta. The stickers below contain romantic terms. And the terms are no longer use today, and they sounds rather cheesy.


Gadis Impian – Dream Virgin Girl

Badai Pasti Berlalu – The Storm Shall be Over

Taman Puspa Indah – Beautiful Flower Garden

Utamakan Kebijaksanaan – Prioritizing Wisdom

This drawing style was very common till the nineties. Right now, you can see this style still not on stickers, but painted on big old cargo truck that normally travelled from one city to another bringing building construction materials. The newest trucks don’t normally have this kind of illustrations and poetic quotes anymore. Atleast nowadays, it is hard to find one, unlike a decade ago.

This illustration style showed us how back in the days, being youthful, romantic, and poetic were necessity. There were also not many products to promote, not many political campaign to pursued. It was all about romanticism.