Formula of Cookery

Information graphics

This work is my final project at The University of Northampton, 2014

Eating healthy is difficult

As a student who lived alone, back in 2013, I had difficulty managing my diet and my spending to live healthily. More so, I did not know how to cook. Reading recipes is really harder than I thought and the ingredients do not always work for students like me who try to save spending.
My goal is to create a cooking book that allows me to cook creatively using the ingredient that I already have.


“Byrne. Six books of Euclid” is a good place to start. It was a book that explains math in graphical form. It taught its reader to think in form and colors, and not numbers or letters. It is all about the portion, not the substance.
The main 5 nutrition (carbs, protein, vitamin from veggies/fruit, and fat) is the things that we really needed on a daily basis, not really about the substance of it (i.e.: carbs are not only coming bread or pasta, it can also be banana or oats).


I gathered data from books, the internet, and interviews and translate the research into graphics that explain how portions are the most important part of cooking and eating healthy. There are not many words in this cooking book as I focused on colors and forms in order to differentiate this cooking book style from the conventional and to make the audience of this book think creatively, rather than be stagnated by fixed ingredients.

Supply Log

This is a complimentary project of Formula of Cookery. The function of this app is to track down what’s on the user’s fridge to avoid overbuying certain type of food and to remind them if there’s any food that is soon to be expired. 2014

This is where it started. I designed my own system on tracking the food supplies I had when I was living as a design student who lived alone abroad.