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Project Description

Trend Forecasting – Space


To Identify the trend that feels fresh and to dig deep into the context to find the business opportunity for a brand.


I looked into the wild and took pictures at manifestation that caught my attention. It found out that at the end of 2017 and beginning of 2018, there is a trend of the use of NASA logo and space symbols– from fashion, art, movies to architecture. I traced the reason why this trend happens in this period by reading the artist explanation of the art, history, articles, and own interpretation.


My research stretch to several topics– from technology, science, to entertainment.

  1. In the era of social media, astronauts can document their journey to space so that we familiarize ourselves with the life inside the tin can.
  2. Journey to space is no more inclusive in the future. The advancement of technology could make it possible for us to sleep in the orbit by 2021.
  3. Pop culture, science, and technology have connected with the presence of celebrity tech businesspeople like Elon Musk. He has sent his Tesla into the moon in a peculiar way.

  4. David Bowey as a person and his song, Space Oddity, have a higher presence in the media before 2018, followed by his death in 2016.

  5. Space Oddesey is celebrating its 50th anniversary in May 2018. The comeback has made media to talk about it and connecting the story with the advancement of AI. The movie itself spoke of the journey of humankind.

  6. The movie also has inspired the genre of science fiction and the aesthetic of futuristic life on space. One of the most recent science fiction movies I’ve been looking at as observation was Ready Player One.
  7. On the news, there is a trend of people going to seek a nomadic lifestyle and challenging entertainment like escape room has grown rapidly.

Why 2018? I found out that people are not trying to solve problem anymore. We are seeking for the unknown by embracing challenge and fear. As the result of this, thrill and the feeling of satisfaction through discovery have been the main reason we make this journey.


I purposed MTA Subway to create a quest for the hidden track, an engaging game where commuters can ride with more purpose.