Project Description

Dressing the Screen

Design Direction

This work is a contest submission for DA&D Award 2014. Submitted during my study at The University of Northampton, UK.


British Council invites the world to celebrate Fashion Film through a traveling project called Dressing the Screen: The Rise of Fashion Film. They wanted a brand identity that can communicate the glamour of fashion films in different languages across different cultures.
As a Visual Communication Student at The University of Northampton back in 2014, I was able to participate in the brand identity ideation for the DA&D Young Blood Award.


British Fashion films tend to be very dark yet artful. They don’t necessarily follow a specific flow; make it enjoyable to watch at random order. The film is meant to showcase, not to contemplate. The model at the film come and go as those at the catwalk. It is dynamic, not static.

The Catwalk

The direction of my design is going toward dynamism. I created a flexible brand identity to communicate the spirit of British Fashion Films. The logo element is Screen, Concrete, and Steel; strong elements incorporated with the flamboyancy of shade. These three elements will always be part of the logo but in different position and dimension.

Colors are adapted according to their national costumes to work with and respect the cultural diversity of the hosting country. The chosen typeface works for different scripts and aiming for visibility to compliment the other logo element.