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25 09, 2014

Dave – Project for the hearing impairment

Dave project is a platform that indirectly educating people who participate on it to learn more about hearing-impaired people. The product is an app and website that allows people (whether they have disability or not) to post their stories and complaint about their surrounding anonymously. The iconic character of this platform is a boy called Dave. Dave is a hearing impaired boy who also shared his story, mostly about how to live his life.

I believed by not stating directly that the project is about hearing impaired people’s live, people who were not very interested to know would eventually got to know a little bit about them. And by sending and response to stories anonymously, equality happened between the impaired and non-impaired.



19 09, 2014

Dressing the Screen – DA&D New Blood Entry 2014

The brief created by the British Council for DA&D New Blood award 2014, asked designer to make an identity for “Dressing the Screen”, an exhibition to celebrate the history of fashion film. The exhibition will be held in various places around the world such as Russia, Thailand, and Brazil.

For this brief, I combined 3 elements: a solid block, blurred block, and the type logo. The 2 blocks resemble concrete and beamer. It was inspired by a photo shoot studio situation where fabric is hanged on the wall, and beamer flashes its light just as a projector project a film.
Colours chosen based on the signature colours of the home country that shows the exhibition.






19 09, 2014

Institute of Policing, Crime, and Justice

The Institute of Policing, Crime, and Justice (b. 2013) was a new institute created by The University of Northampton in collaboration with Northamptonshire Police Department. The aim is to educate, look for funds, research, and solve the crime pattern happened in the neighbourhood.

I took street light as my inspiration as shown on the IPCJ typographic arrangement. Because this institute also investigate, I use finger prints on some elements of the printed product such as the businesscard.



30 08, 2014

Formula of Cookery

Inspired by “Byrne. Six books of Euclid”, I created my own version of cooking recipies. Formula of Cookery book consists of basic knowledge of nutrition, food groups information, storing and basic cooking methods.

The acid colours and geometrical shapes are intentionally used to change the perspective of cooking as a general skill to more like a science project.